Snake Pipe Tamper #228 - "Strata" - Bimblebox Burl & Bronze - SORRINGOWL & SONS ~ Est. 2011

Snake Pipe Tamper #228 - "Strata" - Bimblebox Burl & Bronze

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Derrick Price (aka, "Snake" on is an artisan whose work I've followed for a long time.  I have 3 of his tampers, and counting, and I can say, the quality of his work, as well as his compositions, are very unique.  If you're looking for a more elegant pipe tamper, using exotic hardwoods, and a nice weight, you can't get much nicer than Snake Tampers.

This is Tamper #228 - "Strata" 

  • Woods/Materials: Bimblebox Burl with Mun Ebony accent

  • Accent: Bronze foot and brass "Snake" eye

  • Dimensions: 4" inches in height, by 1/2” diam.

  • Made in the USA

Note from Derrick: "This piece is made from Bimblebox burl that comes from Australia, and appears as if it was pulled from a rock formation showing eons of sediment deposits."