pipe tobacco pouch
pipe tobacco pouch
Leather Pipe Pouch
Tobacco Pipe Pouch

The Standard Pipe Pouch ~ Caramel Brown Leather - Out of Stock!

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This is The Original Standard Pipe pouch, by Sorringowl & Sons.

Handmade, one at a time, in the U.S.A.  Everything you need in one pouch, and this will fit neatly into a jacket pocket.

This one is made from a rich, Caramel colored leather, with antique brass rivets.  This is stitched with a heavy duty, olive thread for a very nice contrast!

Fit and Function:
-Will fit 1-2 pipes
-1-2 ounces of tobacco
-Separate pockets for your lighter, pipe cleaners and tamper (so they never scratch your pipes)
-Hand cut leather straps tie securely into the built-in back loop to keep everything in place.

I use only heavy duty thread, and, the antique brass rivets reinforce the stress points, to stand up to tough, everyday use, and give this a nice traditional look and feel.

These are built to last, and my aim is that it will become something that you can be proud to pass on to someone who will get as much pleasure from it as you will.

Thanks for looking!