Gent Pipe Pouch
Pipe Pouch
The Gent Pipe Pouch ~ Virginia Red Leather - SORRINGOWL & SONS ~ Est. 2011

The Gent Pipe Pouch ~ Virginia Red Leather - Sold Out!

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The Gent is designed for the pipe smoker who likes to carry the essentials, but wants ultimate protection and function, in a well thought out design.

Handmade of oil-tanned leather, in a deep, Virginia Red color.  

The Gent will carry these items in its main pocket:

  • 1 pipe

  • Optional, 4"x6" version of our Original Tobacco Mat

3 inside, separate pockets will hold these items:

  • 1/2 oz. tobacco 

  • 1 lighter (up to a Zippo size)

  • 1 tamper

The separate pockets insure you never run the risk of scratching a nice pipe and everything is organized and easy to find.

An antique brass rivet fastens the closure strap, which loops through the inside to hold a dozen pipe cleaners (or a pen), all while keeping everything inside secure.

Everything you need for a hike, a night out, or a long drive, all in a neat package.

"A pipe gives a wise man time to think, and a fool something to stick in his mouth." 
C.S. Lewis
Display Notes: This listing is for 1 Gent Pipe pouch. Tobacco mat is optional and all other accessories are for display purposes only.