Timeline: the Evolution of The Signature Pipe Pouch

Sorringowl & Sons Signature Pipe Pouch 2013

Beautiful pic, above, by @babou_fett on Instagram.

While I constantly strive to improve my leather goods for my customers, it's nice sometimes to go back and look at the evolution of an item, over the years.

This (1st pic, above) was probably the fourth of fifth iteration of the Signature pouch (originally known as "The Delux" -- 2nd pic, below) and was the first time where I felt the design, after about a year of working on it, was finally coming together.

The "Delux" --the earliest version of The Signature (2012).

Still, there's a rawness to these that I really like; one, which, I have to remind myself to keep, going forward. 

As a craftsman, it's hard to find a balance sometimes between making your goods more functional and keeping all the little touches that make it special. One serves the present: keeping a roof over your head, maintaining relevancy in your work, keeping it interesting. The other serves the future: making things so they keep functioning in the future while still holding their uniqueness and beauty. 

Good design takes more than just being original or unique, though, it takes patience, and lots of it.

This (above pic) is probably the 12th? version of the Signature (but it could be as much as the 15th version--I've lost count), over a 6 year period. Some of those improvements you wouldn't be able to see easily, and some, only I know about, but, with each one, I've tried to make this a little better, a bit more functional, while, hardest of all, still maintaining that extra, little, something "special."

I hope I've done that in this latest version (as I hope I do in each and every version I make), but, if not, don't worry...I'll keep trying.

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