The Story Behind The Name ~ Sorringowl & Sons

I've been a part-time writer for most of my life and, over the years, I've written quite a bit of stuff: poetry, plays, songs, a few screenplays and a couple novels, which I've sometimes shared with friends and family, but, mostly, has been for my own entertainment.  Shortly after I took up pipe smoking, I decided I would try my hand at a genre I enjoyed reading, but had never actually tried to write: the detective novel.  

Inspired, at the time, by the prolific work of Georges Simenon, who wrote the Inspector Maigret series, I set upon writing a classic noir, but set in modern day, with a modern day character.  At first, I didn't know what the story would be about, but I knew he would smoke a pipe, and I knew what his last name would be: "Sorringowl."

All one word, sounds like "Soaring Owl," but, spelled differently: "Sorringowl"

Why that name?  I don't know. It just came to me.  It sounded part Native American, which spoke to me (I'm Apache, on my dad's side), and part, like it could be anything else.  And something about the spelling reminded me of my own surname, Siurano, which had actually been changed from Siurana (a region in the Northeast of Spain), when my great, great Grandfather, emigrated from Spain, to the Caribbean, in the 1860's.

With that bit of inspiration, I decided this would be part modern day detective novel, but, also, part family history.  And that's where the "Sons" comes in.  This would not only be the journey of Sorringowl, himself, but, of his father before him, and grandfather, before him (and maybe others).

So, when it came time to give my fledgling leather goods business a name, my head was filled with the stories I was writing for Sorringowl, and his ancestors, and thus, "Sorringowl & Sons" was born.  

Soon after starting the book, I realized I might not be able to cover all this territory in one novel, so, I'm giving myself the option of possibly creating a series (but, we'll see).  

Having studied my own family history in the past (I did a research program into my family history in college) and not too recently (I had my DNA done --a very interesting, eye-opening process), I set out to make this a bit more personal: a story about one man, and a history of how a family came to America.

But, without giving away too much more, I will tell you that, at this point, the first of book in this series is more than two-thirds of the way completed.  From the time I started the novel, to now, I've been a little busy building a leather goods business ; ) so, my writing has been very on and off.  Now that the website is launched, and life is getting settled again, I am getting back into a regular writing schedule, so, I plan on get this first book in the series under my belt, and out, to whoever will read it.  

So far, I really like where it's going, and once it's completed, I hope you'll enjoy it as well.  I'll keep you posted. 



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